Policies and Procedures

Updated and reviewed annually
Last Review Date: Oct 2018

Safeguarding Children

1. Safeguarding Children’s Rights and Entitlements

2. Safeguarding Children and Child Protection

3. Safeguarding Children- Looked After Children

4. Safeguarding Children- Confidentiality

5. Safeguarding Children- Information Sharing

6. Safeguarding Children- Uncollected Child

7. Safeguarding Children- Missing Child

8. Safeguarding Children- Maintaining Children’s Safety and Security on the Premises

9. Safeguarding Children- Care, Handling and Affection

10. Safeguarding Children-Supervision of children on outings and visits

11. Safeguarding Children- Making a complaint

12. Prevent Duty

13. The-Use-of-Cameras-and-Mobile-Phones-Within-The-Setting

14. Policy Relating to Photography and Video Cameras

15. Supervision of Non Playgroup Children


Equality of Opportunity

14. Equality of Opportunity- Valuing Diversity and Promoting Equality

15. Hutton Playgroup SEN policy 

16. Equality of Opportunity- Achieving Positive Behaviour


Promoting Health and Hygiene 

17.  Promoting Health and Hygiene- Animals in the Setting

18. Promoting Health and Hygiene- Administering Medicines

19. Promoting Health and Hygiene- Managing children with allergies, or who are sick and infectious

20. Promoting Health and Hygiene- Nappy Changing

21. Promoting Health and Hygiene- No Smoking

22. Promoting Health and Hygiene- Food and Drink

23. Promoting Health and Hygiene- First Aid


Suitable People

24. Employment- Employment and Staffing

25. Employment- Induction of staff, volunteers and managers

26. Employment- Student Placements

27. Whistle Blowing Policy

28. Staff Supervision Policy


Suitable Premises, Environment and Equipment

29. Health and Safety- Risk Assessment

30. Health and Safety- General Standards

31. Health and Safety- Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation

32. Health and Safety- Recording and Reporting of Accidents and Incidents

33. Health and Safety- Food Hygiene

34. Fire Safety Risk Assessment Template



35. Administration- Admissions

36. Application to Join

39. Child Care Practice- The role of the key person and settling in

40. Partnership- Parental Involvement

41. Partnership- Working in partnership with other agencies



42. Record Keeping- Children’s Records

43. Record Keeping- Provider Records